At IIHealthcare, our objective is to offer comprehensive consultative services that enable your healthcare system or hospital to develop effective strategies for improving both quality outcomes and the patient experience while lowering per capita costs.

Our services inlcude a number of consulting options as well as dynamic custom-tailored presentations for your board, management team, physicians and community.

With an emphasis on evidence-based practices and care coordination that extend beyond the confines of traditional silos, we work with you to break down the barriers that prevent your organization from functioning at its highest level.

Our unique outcomes-based approach emphasizes team and consensus building within your organization that generates innovative solutions for moving beyond exisitng obstacles.

Ultimately we are convinced that measuring outcomes is the only way to truly refine and build sustainable outcomes. The analytics tools we use (co-developed by Dr. Bittman) facilitate guided inquiry and problem solving through an extraordinarily high level of decision support.

Consider contacting us to discuss your needs.  We welcome the opportunity to develop a customized approach to help you achieve your goals.