Barry Bittman, MD

Barry Bittman, MD is a neurologist, author, international speaker and researcher.  Dr. Bittman leads innovative interdisciplinary teams in the development of protocols, algorithms and comprehensive integrative strategies that enable an integrated delivery network to optimize care and achieve Triple Aim objectives.

Amalgamating several comprehensive disease-based strategies, Dr. Bittman is continuously refining and evaluating an original centralized continuous care inpatient and outpatient no-discharge healthcare model.  He also leads one of the nation’s largest Accountable Care Organizations.

With the goal of extending high quality affordable care to communities, Dr. Bittman developed the first of its kind interdisciplinary Health Coach curriculum at Allegheny College.  This novel program is now in use by hospitals, colleges and universities across America.  Presented by a faculty that includes physicians, nurses, counselors, nutritionists, an ethicist and an attorney, this unprecedented credit-based program prepares pre-health students for an internship in which they serve as Health Coaches in the hospital's Community Care Network.  Dr. Bittman’s work has been featured on CNN Headline News and in numerous leading publications throughout the world.  

Dr. Bittman serves as a Senior Fellow at the Estes Park Institute, focusing on maximizing care coordination, optimizing patient/family experiences and enabling physicians to assume executive leadership roles in hospitals.  As CEO of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute, he is advancing our understanding of stress reversal on the genomic level through active music participation.